most interesting man in the world

If someone speaks about the most interesting man in the world and you still don’t know what they’re talking about, chances are you are living under a rock for this guy has become a meme which is all around the web. However, if you live under a rock that’s okay. For those who don’t know about it, the most interesting man in the world is an ad a beer brand called Dos Equis. The commercial shows a bearded man who appears in designer clothes, with a witty attitude and amazing sense of humor. 

The advertisement was very popular during 2007 and, ten years after, it’s going through a revival due to the famous Internet meme. The meme shows the last part of the advertisement in which, the man who is known for being the most interesting man, is surrounded by sexy young women and, then, he says his famous phrase about how he doesn’t drink beer but, when he does, he prefers Dos Equis.

The character was played by Jonathan Goldsmith. Other versions of the commercial were done by Claudio Marangone. Dos Equis did other advertisements which came from the original one but none of them were as successful as the original.  

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