Marine Corps Officer Uniforms

The USMC who are also known as the United States Marine Corps if the army force who is in charge of power projections through the US Navy in order to enhance performance of task that requires a combination of men in the air, on land and at sea. They haven part of the US Navy since 1834. Currently the US Marines are one of the most experienced in using and amphibious vehicles in the word in spite of being the smallest Armed Forces in the US.

In 2014 the board proposed to Marines whether they would like to change the color of the rank insignia. It is originally black and they wanted to change it to brushed brass. Another suggestion from the board was to make mandatory the use of cross belt for Alpha and Bravo officers. The color changing would make it easier to discern rank.

However, the two suggestions made by the marine corps officer uniforms Board was rejected by Commandant Gen Jamen Amon as there was no need and both changes equals to spend a big quantity of money. Wearing the belts is thus continues to be an aesthetic option for officer Bravo and Alpha and officers will not be compelled to buy a cross belt.

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